PapyriX aims to help those institutions who have a large number of digital resources such as university libraries, public libraries, research information center and research enterprises etc., to build a high-customized resource discovery platform that provides a total solution for resource integration, unified retrieval, and accurate acquisition.

Core Services


Full-text access

Accurately reveal the sources of resources in library

  • View full text--Directly link to the fulltext resources with high-quality and easy-access
  • Access the fulltext online--List all sources that institutional readers have access to the fulltext
  • Fulltext of web resources--Link to academic search platforms to download free fulltext resources
  • Library collection resources--Link to the search results of library collection management system

Flexibly access to the external sources

  • Relevant resources retrieval—Find more sources in the Internet search engine such as Baidu, Google, etc.
  • Interlibrary loan-- Directly apply for interlibrary loan or document delivery by contacting with the interlibrary loan system of other cooperative libraries

Resources Navigation

Build the resources navigation to satisfy the individuality demand

  • Build a classified navigation platform for institutional resources, support to search for resources through database navigation and journal navigation, to meet the demand of accessing to resources in different ways
  • Provide multi-dimension navigations including A-Z list, core journal collection, language, resources type, etc.
  • Accurately locate the target resources and track the latest literatures by searching with database name or journal title

Management Center

Flexibly configurate the interface and functions

  • Build a discovery platform with institution's own characteristics, supporting allocate the retrieval area of institutional resources and the access scope of link service
  • Support personalized settings, such as name, logo, user interface, faceted navigation, etc.

Visual statistic of usage

  • Provide the visualization of system usage statistics, database usage statistics, journal usage statistics and link usage statistics to help institution make decisions on its resources development


Support mobile service and achieve a comprehensive and stereoscopic information platform

  • Provide various application terminal (phone, tablet, touch screen), and helps readers discover and access to resources conveniently with different devices in different situations

Cloud service

"Cloud service" can improve efficiency, reduce institution's investment and maintenance costs

  • PapyriX utilize "cloud services" mode, deploy all data and services in the cloud, which shortens the deployment, configuration and debugging time of discovery system
  • It saves the investment of the institution in hardware, software and professional technicians, and effectively guarantees the speed of updating system data and functions







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